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The Temple Christian International School, basking in its glorious era, is renowned for its achievements in incorporating inventive, pioneering, forward-thinking, and resourceful approaches in ensuring its students get nothing but the best of tuition and opportunities ranging from in-class tuition, extracurricular activities, and excursions amongst others.

As part of the visions of TCIS, we aim to cultivate the leadership capabilities of students, molding them into servant leaders, inspired by the example of Christ Jesus, characterized by sincerity, service, and sacrifice in their lives.

With parents in consideration as they are the very important core in the lives of students our mission is to support Christian parents in nurturing virtuous children amidst a challenging generation. We achieve this by delivering a top-tier education that seamlessly merges faith and learning within a secure environment.

Above all our values center around sharing God’s Good News with students and inspiring them to connect with God regularly through the Bible and prayer.

Students are introduced to all kinds of sports and recreational activities including football and basketball. Additionally, TCIS has facilities that pave the way to create a more conducive environment for studying, the facilities include a physics and Biology lab, an ICT lab, a Library, a spacious dining hall, and a boarding house for students.

TCIS offers the best services in terms of education and Christianity, considering both students and teachers in all endeavors.

Here’s how to apply to TCIS 2024:

Admission to Lower and Upper Secondary:

  • You will be required to take entrance exams covering General Knowledge in Science and English.
  • During the admission process, the school will provide financial details and you’d be required to fill out admission forms.
  • Once the results of your entrance exams are released, you will receive an admission letter confirming your acceptance to TCIS.
    Admission to A-level:
  • You will need to provide your IGCSE results and schedule an interview.
  • During the interview, you will be asked to fill out subject selection forms to determine your route.
  • After your interview, you will receive an email from the Head of Academics confirming your admission to TCIS.